Is Male Gynecologist Doctor Safe For Women?

Saturday May 22, 2021 |
Is Male Gynecologist Doctor Safe For Women?

A male gynecologist doctor is different from a female reproductive specialist in that he is the only practitioner who can examine and treat women based on the anatomy of the female reproductive system. The female reproductive system is a tube-like structure filled with fluid that is responsible for the conception of a woman’s eggs and her subsequent maturation within the body. Unlike men, who have a penis and a surgically detached testes, women have both an ovary and a uterus, which are located in separate areas of the body. This makes it difficult for a doctor to examine the entire system simultaneously, which is why many gynecologists perform their examination and treatment of women on an outpatient basis. For patients that do not wish to undergo invasive surgery and that prefer to keep their reproductive health as private as possible, visiting a male gynecologist doctor for a pelvic exam and/or minor treatment can be very beneficial.

Female gynecologists can be board certified or nonboard certified, but most choose to be certified by the American College of Gynecology (ACG) because the exam and treatment are regulated by the ACG and it is their official educational curriculum. There is also very little difference between a male and female gynecologist, although typically a female reproductive system will require a different treatment approach than a male will. When diagnosing conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), a male gynecologist may look to see if the patient has been treated and or is currently being treated for genital warts.

Once a patient visits a male gynecologist doctor for their annual check-up, they will likely be required to stay until the exam is complete. Depending on how busy the office is, this visit could last anywhere from one to three hours. Once a woman receives an all-clear, she will be scheduled for her next visit and told what to expect. Following a visit to a gynecologist doctor, most women are pleased with their yearly visit and the tests that are performed.

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